Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome! Bienvenue!

Clément and I thought that this website would be a wonderful way to keep everyone in the family updated with the pregnancy and how the baby is doing. We will try to update regularly with pictures and stats.

Clément et moi (surtout moi, Antonette) pensons que ce site web serait une merveilleuse manière de garder tout le monde à jour à propos du bébé. Nous essaierons de mettre à jour ce blog régulièrement avec des photos et stats.

Tomorrow I will be 13 weeks pregnant (3 months). Our due date is September 30th 2010, and we plan on delivering at home with a midwife.

Demain, je serais à 13 semaines de grossesse ( 3 mois). La naissance du bébé est prévue autour du 30 Septembre 2010, et nous prévoyons d'avoir un accouchement à domicile avec une sage-femme.

Here is the very first picture of Baby Vasseur at 9 weeks (2 months):

5 weeks ( 1 month):


12 weeks (3 months)

The first three months were really hard. I was very sick, and tired (and im sure Clément will tell you that I was very moody!) .

Les trois premiers mois ont été vraiment difficile. J'étais très malade et fatigué (Je suis sûr que Clément vous dira que j'étais très émotive.)

We dont want to know the sex of the baby (sorry!) We feel it would be more fun for you all to wait ;)

Nous ne voulons pas connaître le sexe du bébé (désolé!). Il sera plus agréable pour vous tous de deviner ;)

Our next appointment is March 29th.
Notre prochain rendez-vous est le 29 Mars.

Antonette & Clément (and bébé too!)


  1. Nice!!! Maybe this will teach me some french too :)
    So you convinced Clement to not find out the sex? Good work! ;)

  2. lol..well. He is still on the fence. But in May we will make the decision to either know, or not know together. I dont want it to be divided. BUT, you all wont know :) For me, the exciting part is keeping it a special surprise for you all. Clement made me do all the French translation, he of course helped and corrected everything I did. About an hour and half into translating this blog I was whining on the couch begging him to just do it for me lol. It was a pain. But he is will help me learn. Someone needs to tell him how stubborn I am.

  3. Well, if YOU know the sex of the baby you are mistaken if you think I wont be able to read it off your face!!! Mwahahaha <3